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It's Not A Mistake

Listennn who would have thought after being evicted from my section 8 apartment in April 2004 that God would turn around 6 months later and bless me with a job making more money than I could ever imagine. God used that job as a resource to provide things for my family that we can only imagine including help fund starting my boutique. I am reminded about this particular situation because fast forward 15 years later when God told me it's now time to leave this job. I am like uhhhhh God are you sure. I mean I tried to justify why i shouldn’t leave, why I couldn't leave, I am comfortable. However my spirit would not let me rest so March 2019 I did just that…. Left. Scared but I knew that if God told me to do it, He had to have something else for me. I left thinking oh He told me to do it so there was not going to be any issues and we are going to flow into the next season of my life. Chileeeeeee was i wrong. There are so many days that I believe I may not have heard him correctly and I should have just stayed. It wasn’t until this morning that God said it was never a mistake its part of your calling. When i first got evicted all I had left with was my prayer and my faith. I kept asking God why would he do that to me with 2 children. Months later he revealed that there are just some things you need to let go of in order to go to the next level.  Being comfortable leaves no room for elevation or your faith to grow. However being in uncomfortable situations definitely makes you work that faith muscle and the more you work that muscle the stronger it gets. And before you know it BOOM  God has restored everything you lost PLUS SOME. So I guess this morning He wanted me to know just like that apartment was in the way of where He needed to carry me so was the job. He is just waiting for us to exercise our faith muscles so we can rise to the next level. But just like an airplane, you may experience some turbulence while trying to get designated height (your next level) but just hold on and enjoy the ride. God doesn’t make mistakes, He makes sure that everything works together for the good of those that love Him. IT IS PART OF YOUR CALLING!!


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